We happily take custom orders for parties, weddings and special occasions. Below you will find important information about the ordering process. Click here to read my blog! There is special information there!!




All quotes are given via email. Should you decide to book with us, a non- refundable retainer fee of 50%is required for bookings under $450. For bookings over $450 a flat rate $200 deposit is required to hold your date. A date is not considered yours until the retainer is recieved. Once you recieve the invoice for your cake, you have two (2) business days to pay it. After that, the date is released and considered open. We only take a limited amount of orders for a week, so we are unable to hold spots without a paid retainer. Remaining balances for non-wedding bookings are due one day prior to the event. Final payments for wedding bookings are due 14 days prior to the wedding date.  All payments are recieved through paypal. You do NOT need a paypal account to pay the invoice. The process is quick and easy, and your information is never shared. 




Q:How Much Do Your Cakes Cost?

A:  Each cake is different, therefore it is very hard for me to give a quote without knowing the details specific to your event. How many people are coming? How complicated is your desired design? These are all things that influence the cost of your cake. The smallest cake we make feeds 30, and is $120. morgan@morganscakery.com. 


Q: Can I Come In For A Tasting?

A: Sure! There is a $35 dollar fee for the tasting. You will receive a tasting pack to take home which comes with 3 flavors, 2 cupcakes of each flavor you choose, as well as a 30 minute consultation. For orders over 100 servings, the fee is deducted from your total if you book your cake within 7 days. 


Q: What Will My Cake Look Like?

In the event that you want us to create something unique for you, you will recieve a digital sketch of the cake I have envisioned for you. That way, we can collaborate on a design that you like best. These sketches are sent out after the retainer has been paid. For larger events such as weddings, sketches may be sent out in the early consultation phase. If for whatever reason you decide not to book with us, we respectfully ask that you do not use our sketch. We are happy to also use pictures that you have provided for inspiration for your cake. 


Q: I Want This EXACT cake, Can you copy every single detail?

While it is our goal to give you the cake that you want, cake decorating is very much like art. Please remember we are also working with food here. Recipes vary from to place to place, as such, it may not be possible to give you EXACTLY what someone else has done. In the interest of the cake, there may also be MINOR design changes. In assembly things may be moved around, in the interest of giving you the base cake possible.


Q: Do you do cupcakes?

A: Yes, we do! They are $22/dozen. Cupcakes are ONLY available as an add on to the a larger order.  


Q:What Flavors Do you Offer?

A: We can make just about any flavor you can think of. Our two most popular flavors are vanilla and chocolate. 


Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Yes! Due to the highly detailed nature of our cakes, delivery is required. There is NEVER a charge for the delivery and set up of our cakes.